Sylvania RefLED+ V2 ES50 GU10

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This video takes a closer look at Sylvania's range of retrofit LED GU10 lamps.

The Sylvania brand is part of the Havells Sylvania Group, which is actually one of the world's largest manufacturers of artificial light sources and have been doing so since 1900.

These LED GU10 lamps, whose proper title is RefLED ES50 V2, are top of their game when it comes to retro fit LED alternatives. Rated by Lux magazine as one of the best lamps on the market, it's high praise indeed for the ES50 V2.

Its PureForm shape exactly matches the shape of a normal halogen GU10, ensuring it will fit in any luminaire in which you choose to install it. With its mutli-faceted diffuser, it even looks like a halogen GU10 when illuminated. Its built in heat sink also means they are able to be used in fire rated fittings without the worry of premature failure. Their life span is in fact a guaranteed 25000 hours.

Available at 5 watt for non-dimmable, and 5.5 watt for dimmable versions, these bulbs are a perfect replacement for 50 watt halogen GU10s. Using a mere 10% of the halogens, and with an A++ energy efficiency rating, these Sylvania LEDs will achieve a massive saving on your electricity bill. Both non-dimmable and dimmable versions also come in warm and cool white, giving you ultimate choice over your light level.

The Sylvania ES50 V2 instantly reaches full light output with no stutter or fade up, and they turn off instantly too, with no fade down. Dimming them is also very smooth and controlled, giving an excellent dimming experience wherever you choose to install them.

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