Sylvania G4 Halogen Bulb 12v 20w

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Code: SYL G4 20W
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Low voltage G4 Bulb for use in conjunction with a 12v transformer in low voltage luminaires. Very widely used in both commercial / retail and domestic environments.
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Sylvania G4 Bulb G4 Halogen Bulb
Sylvania 22242
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G4 Halogen Bulb Brilliant, crisp, white light - 
Consistent output throughout life
G4 Bulb Excellent colour rendering
20w G4 Halogen Easy to replace
Sylvania Halogen bulb Dimmable
G4 Halogen Capsule No Mercury - dispose with normal household rubbish.
G4 Halogen Bulb Long life - 4000h
20w G4 Halogen Capsule UV-Filter - Axial filament
20w Halogen Bulb Anti corrosion pin

     Technical Data
Make: Sylvania
Cap: G4
Wattage: 20w
Light Output: 250 Lumen
Colour Rendering (Ra): 100
Part Code: Sylvania 22242
Length: 33mm
Diameter: 9mm
Colour: 2800k
Life: 2000h
Voltage: 12v
LBW: G4 Bulb 20w