LED Vintage Filament Bulbs

Eglo, Bell, Crompton & Sylvania

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In this video, we'll be taking a look at Vintage LED Filament lamps with products available from Bell, Eglo, Crompton and Sylvania.

Unless you have been living under a rock, don't go out much or watch TV of any kind, you will have seen some example of vintage lighting. The old time looking light bulbs that are the ultimate buzz word in the world of decorative lighting at the moment; they are everywhere. It's a look that we here at Lightbulb World have totally fallen in love with, and we are definitely not alone.

LED technology is continuously creating new solutions for all manner of lighting situations, with vintage filament being no exception. Replacing the normal carbon filament with one made of LED strip, these bulbs recreate the look of vintage incandescent bulbs incredibly well. Once switched on, it is actually quite difficult to tell them apart from their incandescent predecessors.

Let's take a look at what is on offer:-

Of these ranges, Bell, Sylvania and Crompton offer dimmable functionality, let's take a look at them in action.

All these bulbs perform well when dimmed, from full light to very little, the action is smooth and controlled just like the incandescent bulbs they are designed to replace.

To dim these bulbs is to completely recreate that beloved vintage vibe, but not all bulbs work with all dimmers. All of these bulbs will work with the LED specific dimmers we sell on lightbulbworld.co.uk, but will work with others too, make sure you have found the right dimmers for your choice of bulb to avoid headaches and disappointment.

So there you are, LED Vintage Filament bulbs available from lightbulbworld.co.uk.

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