LED MR16 & MR11 Reflectors

LED is an exciting technology which offers huge benefits over traditional halogen light bulbs.  However, at Lightbulbworld we recognise that limitations do exist, particularly when changing over from low voltage MR16 halogen lamps. You can easily identify if you have a low voltage product as the light bulb will have two straight pins which push directly into the lamp holder.

The main issue with low voltage is that LED replacement lamps are generally not powerful enough to be used with the existing transformer installed. Manufacturers often recommend replacing the transformer for an LED driver, to ensure safe and effective operation of the lamp.  Furthermore these lamps will not be dimmable.

Our recommendation is to remove the transformer and replace the lamp holder with a mains GU10 version. Your electrician will be able to advise on this.  Please follow this link to see our superb range of GU10 LED spotlights
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