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Culina Konect is a completely wireless switching system that converts the kinetic energy produced by physically switching the switch into electrical energy to control your lights via a receiver.

The compact design means it can be installed almost anywhere. It has a range of up to 40m from the switch when outside, or 8m away when indoors and can be controlled not only by the switches.

The 40038 is a single channel relay switch receiver and is suitable for use with single, double and triple kinetic switches.

Key Features:

  • Compact design that can be mounted almost anywhere
  • Non-Dimmable RF wireless receiver
  • Power: 300W LED (800W Resistive Loads)
  • Strong signal up to 40m range outdoors, 15m indoors for plasterboard, 8m indoors for concrete or glass
  • Matt white and matt black switches available
  • IP20


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Culina Konect Wireless On/Off Kinetic Switch Receiver 40038

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