Bell Vintage LED Filament Bulbs

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In this video, we'll be taking a look at the range of LED Vintage Filament Bulbs from Bell Lighting.

You can't fail to have noticed the phenomenon that is vintage lighting, a decorative lighting craze that seems to have the world in a stranglehold. This is no bad thing mind you, there are few types of lighting that are so instantly evocative of a time period and so easily create such an atmosphere. You can't fail to be impacted by some of the striking arrangements of this style in restaurants and bars and other commercial spaces. Whether its a collection of reclaimed industrial fittings or glass jars, one thing is certain; to complete the look, only vintage filament bulbs will do.

This style of lighting has been dominated by incandescent bulbs since its emergence on the lighting scene, perhaps rightly so as they are pretty much the same bulbs as Thomas Edison created back in 1879. However, the fate of incandescent bulbs looks pretty certain, they aren't going to be around forever. So how is this incredibly popular style going to continue if incandescent bulbs are soon to be unavailable?

The solution is this, the LED vintage filament range from Bell Lighting. A range of bulbs that has its sights set firmly on carrying the retro style well into the future. With its amber tinted glass and very warm white 2000K colour temperature, this range can not be mistaken for anything other than Vintage.

Replacing the normal carbon filament with one made of LED strip, these bulbs recreate the look of vintage incandescent bulbs incredibly well. Once switched on, it is actually quite difficult to tell them apart from their incandescent predecessors.

Available in Squirrel Cage, 80mm & 125mm Globe, Candle, and Tubular Radio Valve in dimmable and non-dimmable formats, the Bell LED vintage filament range covers retro decorative lighting styles with the same antique flare as before.

Lets have a closer look at a couple of examples:

As mentioned before, there are dimmable versions of these bulbs available in every bulb type.

To give you a real idea of how these bulbs look in a fitting, this is the squirrel cage bulb in an Eglo Tarbes copper cage pendant. A great looking retro style fitting that is so perfect for these bulbs, allowing them to be seen in all their glory. Part of a full range of matching fittings in black or copper that perfectly capture that retro vibe and let you bring it into your home. The Eglo Tarbes fittings are available from, along with a whole range of retro style light fittings.

As I mentioned before, these LED vintage filament bulbs use only 4 watts of power. As a quick idea of the savings involved, lets compare ten incandescent 60 watt squirrel cage bulbs with ten 4 watt LED filament bulbs. Running for 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, each incandescent bulb will cost £17.42.. each, whereas the LED versions only cost £2.32 each. With these variables, the LED filament bulbs save over £150 over the course of twelve months.

So, there you are, LED Vintage Filament bulbs. The future of decorative lighting, and an energy saving alternative all rolled into one.

The Bell range of LED Vintage Filament bulbs are available now from

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