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Aurora mPro LED Downlight


Hi there, Welcome to Lightbulb World TV.

In this video, were going to take a look at the new mPro integrated LED downlight from Aurora.

You may have seen a previous video of ours on Aurora's M Series range of integrated LED downlights, and the mPro is an updated and evolved version of the M10, with many of the same dimensions and features.

Let's take a look at it up close:-

  • As I mentioned, the mPro is an evolved version of the M10, so all the accessories for the M10 fit exactly the same. So the full range of bezels in white, satin nickel and polished chrome, converters and lenses are available to fit the mPro to tailor it to your precise requirements.

  • As with the rest of the M Series range, the mPro is fire rated for 30, 60 and 90 minutes and is compliant with air leakage and sound and vibration regulations.

  • Also in line with the rest of the M series, the mPro is fitted with Aurora's “Fast Fix” loop in/ loop out connector allowing for quick and easy fitting saving time and money, but also allowing downlights to be fitted and checked, and then removed from unsecure building sites to prevent theft.

  • Without wanting to blow the big reveal too early, the bulk of the best new features of the mPro are based on the fact that it does this...... what Aurora have called “convertible”, you can split the mPro in half!!

  • Once converted, the mPro's driver is completely separated from the light source, which greatly increases heat dissipation, reducing the heat experienced by the LED chip and resulting in a life span of a massive 40000 hours, even when installed under loose fill insulation material.

  • It also makes the maximum height of the unit 47mm, allowing it to be fitted into the slimmest of ceiling voids.

  • Where the mPro exceeds its predecessor is its light output; running at only 7 watts, it produces 560 lumens in Very Warm White (2700k), 600 lumens at Warm White (3000k) and a whopping 640 lumens in Cool White (4000k), almost 100 lumens more than the Cool White M10, that's 94 lumens per watt, making it the most efficient downlight on the market.

  • Another major difference, like the M10 it is available in fixed beam and adjustable; unlike the M10, the adjustable version is also IP65 rated the same as the fixed beam version. This gives much greater flexibility when lighting bathrooms and shower areas.

  • The mPro is also fully dimmable, with an incredibly smooth action from high to low giving an excellent dimming experience. We are using Aurora's own DSP400X to dim this mPro unit and it works perfectly.

So, there you are; the brand new mPro from Aurora lighting. The latest innovation in integrated LED downlights, available now on

Thanks so much for watching, see you again next time on Lightbulbworld TV.

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