Aurora M Series LED Downlights

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In this video, were taking a look at Aurora's M Series Range of Integrated LED Downlights.

Part of the innovative nature of LED is to constantly try to raise the bar, to produce light fittings that are as easy and usable as possible, and that's where Aurora's M Series Range of Integrated LED Downlights have really excelled.

A spectacular range of downlights that aim to deal with the multitude of problems and choices encountered when buying downlights for your home. Having the light source integrated into the unit means, unlike standard Fire Rated housings where a bulb needs to be fitted, there is considerably more room in the fitting for a sizeable heat sink. Aurora's Crystal Cool system draws the heat away from the chip itself and, as overheating is one of the primary causes of failure, means the chip is rated to last a lot longer than a standard LED bulb.

Coupled with this, the M Series boasts Driver On Board technology, a system that has completely eliminated the need to buy a separate transformer, saving money on purchase and fitting. Being fully IP rated to IP65 also means these downlights can be fitted in a bathroom and are fire rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes for complete structural peace of mind.

Removable bezels mean not only can you choose your preferred bezel finish, from White, Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome, you can change your mind if you change your décor. This also allows you to remove them while you paint your ceiling so you don't get them covered in paint. Aurora's LED Downlights are also insulation coverable with the addition of a specifically designed cage, allowing for good air movement at the back of the unit.

Available in 3 basic models, the M5; a 5 watt, 78mm diameter downlight, the M7; a 7 watt in the same diameter and the M10; a 10 watt 88mm downlight.

All available in Warm White, Cool White and in Dimmable and Non-Dimmable versions at their simplest, with tilt-able versions available in all wattages. The M10 range includes baffled versions that reduce glare (and also look pretty cool) and trimless versions available that are used in conjunction with the trimless bezel that is plastered into the ceiling for a smooth finish. Also available is the M10 adaptor plate that allows the M10 to be fitted into existing holes that are too large. The M10 range also includes replaceable lenses to increase or decrease the beam angle of the unit from 40° to either 24° or 60°.

Lets take a look at Aurora's LED Downlights in action:

But the features of these LED downlights don't stop there, even the smallest detail has been considered to aid installation. The M series' FastFix loop in, loop out connector, included on every downlight in the range has been designed not only to make fitting very easy, simply clicking into place, it means that once wired in and checked, the unit itself can be removed and taken away to prevent theft of expensive items from unsecured sites.

So there you are, Aurora's M Series range of Integrated LED Downlights to suit every application. The M Series is available now from

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