GU10 Halogen Spot Light Bulbs

Hi there, welcome to Lightbulb World TV.

In this video we'll be taking a look at 240v GU10 Halogen Spot Light Bulbs, some from the biggest names in the business like Osram and General Electric, and for those on a budget, some from Knightsbridge.

A technology almost as old as the hills, Halogen has been around for some time now. The classic 50mm 240v GU10 Halogen bulb is still seen in countless kitchens, shops, pubs, museums and restaurants the world over and is still incredibly popular. Used in all manner of light fittings and downlights, it is a universal lamp that still delivers excellent light quality and functionality.

With a score on the Colour Rendering Index of an unbeatable 100, Halogen GU10 still has the best representation of colours on the market.

Let's take a look at the ranges:

All fully dimmable from top of the range to the bottom, full control over your light level is at your fingertips.
So there we are, 240v GU10 Halogen bulbs for those of us to whom wattage and light level go hand in hand.